29th Time: Chanukah Live from the Eiffel Tower

For the 29th time, thousands of Jews gathered to participate in a public menorah lighting in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Thousands more participated through the “Chanukah Live” broadcast, which tied together public Menorah lightings from Israel and New York.

Taking part in this massive display of pirsumei nissa was the chief rabbi of France, Rabbi Michel Gugenheim, as well as Dr. Joel Mergui, the president of Jewish Communities, together with Mr. Ariel Goldmann, who heads the department of education of Jewish studies.

Also participating was the Israeli ambassador to France.

Accompanying the ceremony was a live band headed by Yosef Barmi, together with singer Yoni Shlomo.

The event was organized by Chabad of Paris, headed by Rabbi Mendel Azimov.

The ceremony was connected with the one at the Kotel in Jerusalem, Israel, the Rebbe’s Room in 770 in Brooklyn, NY, as well as the city center in Netanya, Israel.

Additionally, over 10,000 participated live online through a broadcast by Chabad.org.

Photos by Thierry Guez

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