Friendship Bakery Teaches Workplace Skills

From the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle:

You’ve heard of the win-win situation.

The non-profit Friendship Circle, which opened a bakery in July, appears to have come up with a win-win-win. Yes, that’s three wins, which is quite a bit more than a mere two.

Win #1: People with special needs are learning workplace skills at the bakery.

Win #2: The bakery items are sold to help fund the program.

Win #3: Friendship Bakery serves the kosher community, which organizers say is underserved.

“I love it,” said Sol Weingrad, 32. “My mom and my sister are both great cooks, but I never really learned how to. I like the kitchen and I like working with people.”

Weingrad works as a student baker at Friendship Bakery every Wednesday. Most other weekdays, he attends a special needs day program near his home in Port Washington.

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