Young Jewish Professionals Meet in the Austrian Alps

Another seminar of the famous Bayit organization in Europe was held this month with dozens of young Jewish professionals who enjoyed a unique program and enjoyable weekend at the prestigious Alpen Karawanserai Hotel in Hinterglemm, a gorgeous resort town in the Tyrol Alpine mountains of Austria.

Rabbi Moshe and Rebbetzin Tova Starik, one of the Chabad Shluchim to Vienna, established the Bayit organisation three years ago in order to offer a platform of help and possibilities for young Jewish adults around Europe seeking their Jewish soulmate. During the Bayit weekends which take place in different locations around Europe several times a year, young Jewish adults get a chance to meet others from around the world, as well as receive guidance and coaching in their dating and path towards marriage. Bayit also offers active matchmaking between young Jewish men and women in Europe and over the years a nice amount of Jewish homes were established around the world through the help of Bayit organization and weekends.

Much thoughts, efforts and time are invested for many weeks, in order to ensure the success and professionalism of each seminar in all aspects. Besides the enjoyable and relaxing hotel facilities and surroundings, there is a full program of lecturers and workshops by experts from abroad alongside to fun activities, hikes and trips. The Shabbes is special with the amazing  atmosphere that the staff creates, and the special gourmet meals under strict supervision. At Motzei Shabbos there is a special musical “Melave Malka” which opens with the Havdalah in a unique style and followed by an evening of elevated Jewish atmosphere.

Particularly moving are the personal stories workshops of young couples who inspire and fascinate participants with their own experience of dating, marriage and coping with the challenges along the way.

Bayit seminars are in great demand from all over the world and participation is conditional upon a special admissions committee. The organization is currently preparing for the next Bayit seminar which will take place at the beginning of the upcoming winter, in a major European city, in conditions that will allow a larger number of participants.


  • 1. Get out of Europe wrote:

    Hitler was from Austria, it’s no place for Jews, it’s time for Jews to get out of Europe, both my grandparents were Holocaust Survivors they would never go back to Europe, especially Austria & Poland, there are much nicer places to live like Bklyn, Lkwd, Cleveland, Monsey, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Houston, San Francisco, Montreal, St Louis, Minneapolis, Denver, Atlanta, why why why Austria ? So very very Anti Semitic over there, they expelled Jews from Austria, don’t u European Jews get it, Europe isn’t a place for Jews, we were never wanted or accepted & we never will be !! It’s time to get out Now !!!

    • 2. BubbyK wrote:

      True. Europe is not Jew-Friendly.

      But, as long as Yidden live there, these shluchim stay there with them. As the Rebbe once responded to someone who asked him why he lives in America, and not Israel “A captain cannot abandon his ship [while there are still passengers aboard].”

      The Stariks are wonderful people, doing a great job. Why criticize them?


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