Chabad Helps Search for Missing Israeli in Georgia

An Israeli traveler has gone missing in the former Soviet republic of Georgia after being swept away in a river. The Israeli Foreign Ministry is conducting searches in the area, with assistance from local authorities and the Chabad Shliach to the country, Rabbi Meir Kozlovsky.

Some of the missing man’s family members are also expected to fly to Georgia and join the efforts.

The incident occurred in a mountainous area located 150 km north of Tbilisi. According to his three friends, the man slipped while trying to cross a river and fell into the water.


  • 1. Moshe Reuven wrote:

    Seriously when I read the title the 1st thing I thought was that this man got lost in some city in the State of Georgia, USA, then after I read the 1st few sentences before clicking on the extended article I found out that it’s Georgia former part of Russia, then I say to myself “oh wow” it’s not even in the US, I totally forgot that there is a Georgia that used to be part of Russia, that’s an American for u, USA 1st

  • 2. Cleveland Bachur wrote:

    Yes, I agree with #1, as soon as I saw the heading I thought most probably somewhere in Atlanta this man went missing, then I read a couple of sentences & I see it’s not even in the US, amazing how 2 parts of the world have the same name, probably someone from Isreal wouldn’t even think Atlanta, Georgia, they would think the 1 in Russia, bec for them that one is much closer & Isrealis have much more to do with Russia than most US ppl.

  • 3. 2 States with the name Georgia wrote:

    To everyone out there, please there is more than 1 Georgia, there are other parts of the world other than the US, why is it not possible that this article could be speaking about a place that isn’t in the US, just bec it says Georgia, you must think Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Augusta, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs ?

  • 4. To: #3 wrote:

    Bec the 1st thing that comes to your mind when you see the state of Georgia, you think of Georgia, US, like comment #2 said, you think this person got lost somewhere in Atlanta or other major big cities like Savannah, Alpharetta, Augusta, I would never have thought of Georgia Russia, until I read the 1st few sentences before clicking on the article, it would never even come up in mind, so yes, it makes a lot of sense to think that this is Georgia, USA it’s a very big State, & Russia isn’t on most of our minds, especially readers of this site. thank u

  • 5. req wrote:

    I also agree with #1, I was mislead as well. If there are at least 2 Georgias, then make it clear.


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