Unbridled Purim Joy in Kharkov

Purim in Kharkov was celebrated around the clock, starting with an early morning performance at the Kharkov Circus with over 2,000 people in attendance.

Everyone joined despite the early hour on Sunday to hear the megillah, get Mishloach Manos, put on tefilin and enjoy the simcha of Purim.

The program began with the kindergarten and school performing – accompanied by the Cheder and Yeshiva Ktana drumming band.

The vice governor and vice mayor proudly spoke of how Purim celebrates the Jews victory against their enemies, and Rabbi Moishe Moskovitz pointed out that the full crowd at such an early hour shows that the victory is still continuing in our days.

Rabbi Levi Raices, in full costume, read the megilla, accompanied by clowns and the cheder boys who encouraged the crowd to drown out Haman’s name.

The ‘Stars’ students celebrated in the Kharkov Kosher Resteraunt ‘Mestechko’ .

Over 250 people joined the Grand Purim Seuda at the Sea in the shule in the afternoon. The Kollel Torah came dressed as sailors and pirates, and till the late hours danced and sang with the true Purim spirit.

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