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Chabad Rabbi Rushes to Airport After Shooting

from The Miami Herald:

When news broke that there had been a deadly shooting at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Aiport hours before the Jewish Sabbath Friday, Rabbi Schneur Kaplan rushed to the airport with an offer for those who observe: a place to pray and a place to stay.

“Shabbos is coming but thank God we are safe,” he said in a Facebook Live post from Terminal 1. “We have put out a post if anyone is stranded in the airport and needs a place for Shabbos we are going to meet at the baggage claim in Terminal 1 as soon as they allow us to move around. Right now they are not letting us move anywhere.”

His plan: to make the “pilgrimage” with the help of a Broward Sheriff’s Office escort to the synagogue he leads, Downtown Jewish Center Chabad, 900 E. Broward Blvd.

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  • 1. Picaboo Shimon wrote:

    That’s very nice of rabbi kaplan to go help people. I am proud of him.

  • 2. Dovid Zinkin wrote:

    He is not a shliach under merkaz and his house is not a chabad house. He is as noted a chabad rabbi with his own shul.

  • 5. Overflowing with love wrote:

    Rabbi Kaplan And his wife are literally unbelievable… They are kind, giving, sharing and caring there isn’t enough words to describe the amount to love and inspiration that they impart to the community of Fort Lauderdale and beyond.

  • 7. rebbe new niggun wrote:

    #2 he was the only guy that showed up!!
    He is under the Rebbe, he doesn’t need to be under mercaz to be a shaliach…


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