Partners Conference Brings Delegations from Around the World

A fast moving and exciting program was held for delegates from across the globe who participated  in the Chabad Partners Conference held last Sunday at the Brooklyn Marriott prior to the Kinus Hashluchim Gala Banquet that was held at Pier 8 in Brooklyn.

The annual event drew community leaders from around the United States and from far flung countries like Australia, Nigeria, Russia, Latvia and a dozen other countries, who convened for a day of inspiration and sharing of ideas.

The conference, under the auspices of the Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, the sponsor organization, and the Kinus Hashluchim and was directed by Rabbis Lipa Brennan and Eliezrie. The conference opened with an early morning lecture in Chassidic Philosophy led by Rabbi Mendel Kalmanson, Chabad of Belgravia, London titled “The Jew, Verb or Noun”.

After a gourmet breakfast the delegates heard an energetic, uplifting talk from Rabbi YY Jacobson on “Ensuring a Jewish Future” followed by a most interesting and eye opening  session on a recent study entitled “The Chabad Campus Study” with Dr. Mark Rosen, the originator of the study.

The main plenary session featured remarks from a member of the Rebbes Secretariat, Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, who shared with the participants his own experiences of the Rebbes admiration for all they do for their Shluchim.

This was followed by “Chabad Talks”. Three Community Partners:  Bruce Montague, Brooklyn NY, Mark Friedman, Tacoma, Washington.and Paul Groman-Marke, Essex, England and three Shluchim Rabbis Yitzie Lowenthal from Copenhagen, Shmuel Lipchitz from Boise, Idaho and Shimon Fruendlich from Beijing shared their unique personal stories.

The highlight of the conference was the rousing address from the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations the honorable Danny Danon. In a spirited talk the Ambassador thanked the delegates for their support of Jewish life, Israel and to the Chabad Shluchim in their cities and countries.

Danon told the gathering of his efforts to bring more Judaism to the UN by making kosher food available in the UN and having Yom Kippur designated as an official holiday. The ambassador lauded the efforts of the Shluchim in far flung locales and for their assistance in times of natural disasters when the Israeli government work hand in hand with local Shluchim.

At the conclusion of the program in the Marriott the delegates were transported to the Gala Banquet to join their Shluchim, guests and family members totaling over 6000! The Ambassador also attended the Banquet and was warmly greeted by the Banquet Chairman Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky.

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