Chabad in N.E. London Hosts Whiskey Tasting

The Chabad Events Team (CET) supporting the social support services of Chabad across Essex, UK, held another of their very popular Whisky Tasting Evenings on Monday evening 19th September at their Chabad Buckhurst Hill branch. This evening was more emotional than in the past as it was dedicated to the treasured memory of Rabbi Moshe Muller, OBM, who was the organizer of such past events.

The packed audience were entertained to a lively and informative discussion on the various whisky’s by Tim of Milroy’s of Soho, and of course wasted no time in sampling the different bottles. So keen were they that several of them bought up the remaining bottles for their own collections.

Just to ensure that the guests didn’t do this on empty stomachs, they dined on a sumptuous meal of chicken pie, potatoes and vegetables, followed by apple pie ice cream (no worries about calories at this evening), prepared by Andrew Kennard and the excellent voluntary team of helpers at Chabad Buckhurst Hill. Lucky raffle participants chose from a bottle of whiskey and M & S vouchers, kindly donated by the organizing team.

Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin MBE, executive director, said “This was CET’s first event to be held at Chabad the Buckhurst Hill Branch and was very successful raising funds for Chabad Lubavitch Centres N. E. London and Essex’s social services. In his short address he emphasised that almost daily he is approached with people facing the horrors of addiction and the ramifications related to their drug of choice. Today I was supporting a young gambler seeking a road to recovery and in addition was sleeping rough hungry and nowhere to turn. Luckily Chabad’s addiction services & social support network were there to support him and help him discover his own route to recovery. Tonight’s event supports exactly the likes of this young man.”

“Representatives attended from all of our Chabad Centres and we look forward to seeing them and their friends at our future Chabad functions, he concluded.”

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