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Union College Students Gather to Bake Challah

On Thursday, May 19, more than fifty Jewish students gathered together at Chabad of Union College for a fun, meaningful, and of course, delicious Mega Challah Bake.

From the Concordy:

The event was centered around the baking of challah, a braided loaf of bread typically eaten on the Jewish Sabbath. Each student received their own bowl of ingredients, an apron, and a spoon. From there, everyone baked their own individual challah from scratch.

For Jewish people all around the world, this year marks the hakhel year. The hakhel year comes around once every eight years. It is a year that is focused on unity and large community gatherings. The hakhel year served as inspiration for the Mega Challah Bake event, which brought a large group of students together in unity, for a meaningful learning experience.

In order to make the experience of baking challah about more than just a loaf of bread, some learning had to be done. Before the baking commenced, the spiritual purpose of each ingredient was explained. The recipe for challah calls for seven basic ingredients: yeast, salt, oil, egg, flour, water, and sugar.

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