Lag Ba’omer Celebrated with Pride in Kharkov Zoo

Hundreds of men, women and children joined the Grand Hakhel Lag Ba’omer Parade in Kharkov, Ukraine, which took place in the local Ecopark Feldman Zoo.

A large crowd of hundreds of people came to enjoy an amazing day of Jewish pride. The kindergarten, Cheder Chabad, Or Avner Day School, Machon, Yeshiva Ketana, and the “Stars” students club led the parade, which began on the main highway leading into the zoo.

This year, the Cheder and Yeshiva Ketana, under the leadership of Rabbi Levi Raices, led the parade as the marching band! They were truly the stars of the show as the hundreds of people in the parade were amazed at how the boys played their drums.

Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz welcomed the crowd, emphasizing the Rebbe’s message of unity and pride, especially in this year of Hakhel.

Alexander Kaganovsky, the President of the community, thanked the organizers and the Ecopark Zoo for making the day truly unforgettable.

After the reciting of the 12 Pesukim, the school choir performed to the delight of the crowd.

After the parade went through the park and forest, a bonfire was lit and the festivities began. A horse show, jumping castles and bow and arrow practice kept the crowd entertained throughout the day.

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