Morristown Gets New Shluchim

Right before purim, Rabbi Moishe and Mushkie Gurevitz (nee Wolvovsky), together with their children, Menachem and Esther, moved to Morristown, NJ, as the new Shluchim to serve the Young Jewish Professional community in Morristown.

The Shluchim have been appointed by Rabbi Moshe Herson, Head shliach the state of New Jersey, and dean of the Rabbinical College of America with the help of the office of CYP of Merkos Suite 302, headed by Rabbi Beryl Frankel.

The landscape of Morristown has drastically changed in the recent past. Scores of young professionals have moved to the area, as businesses, boutique shops, and other opportunities have shifted the direction of entire neighborhoods. Many banks, pharmaceutical companies and other industries have moved offices near Morristown, and many young Jewish professionals now call it home.

“Morristown has had a Lubavitch presence for over 30 years, ever since my father, Rabbi Moshe Herson, has moved the Yeshiva from Newark to Morristown” says Rabbi Mendy Herson. “Over the years, as the Yeshiva and the community have grown, there has been an increased interest in a unique community dedicated to the needs of the young, urban professional.”

The CYP initiative is overseen by the central offices of Merkos Suite 302 in Brooklyn under the Leadership of of Rabbi Mendy Kotlarski. Through a generous grant from the Meromim foundation, CYP has opened new chapters in many cities across the globe, significantly altering the face of this demographic.

“Young professionals, or ‘millennials’ if you will, are a unique demographic with a broad and bold vision,” said Frankel. “What has worked for past generations must be reimagined, and CYP is proud and humbled to be at the forefront of this initiative to engage and influence the leaders of the next generation of Jewry. The city of Morristown can really use a strong network for Jewish professionals, and we are looking forward to a robust chapter here in Morristown.”

Rabbi Moishe and his wife are excited to begin this new venture. They are known to have an open home and friendly personalities, a great mix to reach out to the local, younger Jewish crowd. Just one week into their Shlichus and they have had people over for Purim and Shabbos. They look forward to have holiday programs, mega Shabbat dinners, networking events, and of course, opportunities for singles to meet one another.

Special thanks to the Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky.

A fundraising campaign has been created by friends and family of the new Shluchim. this campaign will be raising $15,000 so that they may begin their Shlichus with financial peace of mind while spreading Yidishkeit to Young Jewish Professionals in Morristown, New Jersey.

Donate to the new Chabad House @ New Shluchim can be reached at


  • 2. All so confusing! wrote:

    All so confusing! A recent simple story, about a shliach going out on shlichus to Morristown, is chok full of names and thanks.

    1. Appointed by Rabbi Moshe Herson the chief NJ shliach. (Sounds like he is the boss here. But wait, there is also Rabbi Mendy Herson.)
    2. “Helped” by CYP’s Rabbi Beryl Frankel (what is the help).
    3. Directed by Merkos Suite 302’s Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky. (What is their input, and what did they direct?)
    4. Generous grant by Meromim Fund. (Now they sound like the real heroes here. Who are they? Why no name?)
    5. Finally a “special thanks” to “Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky Vice Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch.” (What is the special thanks for? Is Merkos 302 not Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch?
    This is all so confusing. And oh, who is the shliach that’s gonna do all the work? Well, let’s try to find his name! Ah! Rabbi Moishe and Mushkie Gurevitz. Well Hatzlacha Rabba!


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