Amazing Success at Tzeirei HaShluchos West Coast Winter Camp

The Tzeirei HaShluchos West Coast Winter Girls Camp has concluded an amazing eight, fun-packed days of chayus, chassidishkeit and excitement! This brings to a close an incredible 16 days of the West Coast Tzeirei HaShluchim/os Winter Camp.

For 16 days, close to 200 Shluchim’s children from across the Western United States came together for inspiration fun, amazing warmth and invigorating chassidishkeit. Many of these children don’t have the opportunities that other children have and don’t live in particularly Jewish neighborhoods. It is programs such as this one that afford these young Shluchim and Shluchos an opportunity to be with children in similar circumstances, learn, refresh and to get the strength necessary to help their parents in their holy work.

Nestled in the magnificent Verdugo Mountains of Glendale, California, the 113 acre camp affords an amazing experience with beautiful mountain views, hiking trails, archery, sports fields, outdoor amphitheaters and much more. In addition to all the on-site activities, the children went on a grand trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain, bowling and on other local excursions.

The exceptional staff, led by head-counselors Chana Block and Zelda Rochel Bogomilsky provided round-the clock chassidishe warmth and a positive environment for these precious children.

Support for this special experience is provided by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Mr. David Kagan of Western Kosher, the Meromim funds and many other generous individuals without whom all of this would be impossible.

This year’s camp was organized in connection with MyShliach of Merkos 302. A special thanks to Rabbis Mendy Kotlarksy and Mendy Shanowitz their important assistance.

The camp is directed by the well-known and experienced camp-directors Rabbi Zalmy and Shterna Kudan and Rabbi Mendel and Rochel Loschak, Shluchim in S. Barbara, California. Rabbi Mendel Levitansky, director of C-Teen in S. Monica, California ensured that the food was exceptional and that all the Shluchim’s children were well fed and taken care of.

This camp is organized and run by Shluchim for Shluchim. The executive committee overseeing the camps funding and operations are California Shluchim Rabbis Simcha Backman, Nachman Abend and Shlomo Bistritsky.

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