Overflow, Angry Crowd at Hearing on NJ Chabad House

Over 1,200 local residents attended a packed hearing Thursday night in Toms River, NJ, to voice their opinions over a controversial Chabad Jewish Center that is being run by its rabbi out of his private home.

APP.com reports that Rabbi Moshe Gourarie argued that his Jewish Center—-which he says draws only 15 to 20 people weekly to Shabbos services—-is legal in its current residential zone, but opponents of the center believe Gourarie is in violation of a 2009 township zoning ordinance revision which banned churches in the residential zone in which his property is located.

After a four-hour, sometimes contentious hearing, zoning board members rejected Gourarie’s case and said that he must file an application requesting a variance from the Board of Adjustment in order to continue running his center.

Over 5,000 local residents have already signed a petition opposing Gourarie’s application.

Opponents openly questioned Gourarie’s claim that he had no intention of expanding the size of his congregation at his 7-acre lot, with most citing the property’s proximity to nearby Lakewood and its large Orthodox Jewish population as reasons for concern.


    • 3. Milhouse wrote:

      And that is exactly why they will fail, because they have no legal right to prevent Toms River from turning into Lakewood.

  • 4. Hasi wrote:

    Money is short, G-d is long ( try eternal). Guess who’s eventually going to win…….duhhhh!

  • 5. Doesn't make sense wrote:

    It seems there are always churches in “residential” areas. What’s wrong with a group of people getting together to pray????

  • 6. Cloverlawn wrote:

    M gurary is smart and fine he will prevail! From all the guys out there he’s not bad. Sah

  • 7. Yakov Kirschenbaum wrote:


    Reb Moishe,

    The Rebbe is with you and IY”H you will prevail.

    Hatzlachah rabbah and besuoros tovos.


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