Menorah Matches One Built by Printing Shop

Inspired by a story published last year on, in which the owner of a New Jersey printing shop built a giant Menorah across the street from a holiday tree display so the Jews wouldn’t feel left out, Rabbi Mendy and Aidella Blesofsky, Shluchim to Springfield, NJ, decided to build a similar menorah for their annual event.

After contacting Rabbi Hersh Loschak and Adam Szyfman for the measurements, Rabbi Blesofsky, together with Dr. Steven Bacall, went straight to work.

On the first night of Chanukah, the Chabad Springfield Jewish Learning Center, in collaboration with Congregation Israel of Springfield, hosted their third annual public Menorah lighting.

Over 500 locals, including the town’s mayor, David Barnett, Deputy Mayor Margaret Bandrowski, Committeeman Jerry FernandezRichard Huber and Ziad Shehady, Township Police Chief John Cook, Fire Chief Carlo Palumbo and many staff of the Township of Springfield, were in attendance.

The newly built Menorah was the center of attention. Following the lighting, the crowd enjoyed Latkes, doughnuts and a Fire show. The spectacle was a tremendous Kiddush Hashem.

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