Young Ukraine Shluchim Count Chanukah Blessings

While for many Jewish children Chanukah means vacation or wonderlands and Dreidel houses, the little Shluchim in Sumy, Ukraine, had a different Chanukah experience.

The sign on their fridge tells it all, with the headline “How Many Brochos?”

With the help of the Israeli girls from Beis Chana Seminary, the children split into groups and went to tens of homes each night to light the menorah, bring latkas and doughnuts, simcha, songs and dreidel games to families and the elderly.

At the end of the night, each group marked how many brochos they said with people, giving a report to the Rebbe of their efforts to light up Sumy with a magnificent number of lit menorahs and brochos that permeated the city over the eight days of Chanauka!

The Levitansky children are an integral part of their parents Shlichus, and added simcha and warmth with their singing and kazatzka dancing, by a beautiful concert given by famous violinist Rabbi Mordechai Brodsky,

Together with their friends, they put on a fantastic show at the Ohr Avner school performance. The after school program, Men’s Kollel Torah and Ladies club were all treated to exciting Chanukah parties throughout the week.

Zois Chanuka was celebrated with a crescendo fire show, as Shliach Rabbi Yechiel Levitansky lit the grand Menorah on the Sumy Promenade.



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