An Historic Chanukah in Tasmania

Chanukah on the Australian island of Tasmania saw an unprecedented slew of programs and Mivzoyim. A crowd of around 80 joined the public Menorah lighting outside the historic Launceston Synagogue for its 5th annual Menorah lighting.

Fresh doughnuts were handed out, and there was live music, played by Yisroel Levin, who flew in from Melbourne for the event. Local dignitaries were in attendance.

The crowd was honored to have local MP Andrew Nicolic read out the Prime Minister’s Chanukah greeting.

A Menorah Competition drew in a beautiful array of original Menorahs. The winner went home with a drone, and other prizes were given to all the contestants.

A Menorah parade took place through the streets of Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, which created a big Kiddush Hashem and awareness of Chanukah, as well as publicizing a Jewish presence on the island, which resulted in Menorah kits being handed out to those on the go.

Chanukah ended with a well-attended Chanukah party, which drew in Jews from all around the state. The children had a blast decorating doughnuts, doing Chanukah crafts, playing draidel, and more. The adults enjoyed a fun Chanukah bingo game. Everyone filled up with a typical Aussie ‘Barbi’ (BBQ) under the glorious summer skies.








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