LA’s Jewish Mayor Lights Menorah at City Hall

Los Angeles first Jewish mayor, Eric Garcetti, hosted a Menorah lighting ceremony with the consuls general of both Israel and France along with many other city officials in attendance. The event was organized by Chabad of the West Coast led by Rabbi Boruch S. Cunin.

On Tuesday, the 2nd day of Chanukah a memorable celebration took place at the city hall of the second largest city in the United States: Los Angeles.  In attendance was the head Shliach of the West Coast, Rabbi Boruch S. Cunin, the Shliach to Downtown Los Angeles Rabbi Moshe Greenwald, the first Jewish mayor of the city Eric Garcetti, the consuls general of both Israel and France and many other city officials and dignitaries.

The master of ceremonies of the event was Rabbi Moshe Greenwald who began the ceremony with words of encouragement for the people of Israel, France and California who were all recently attacked by Islamic terrorists.  Rabbi Boruch S. Cunin followed by relaying the Rebbe’s powerful words of hope and encouragement in times of challenge and distress and by explaining the significance of the Chanukah lights during times like today.  Mayor Eric Garcetti drove home the lesson of perseverance learned from the Maccabees as did the consuls general of Israel, David Siegel and of France Christophe Lemoine.

All in attendance were treated to a special presentation by the Kol Yaakov Yehudah Boys Choir led by Rabbi Mendel Duchman and his son Yakov Yehudah. The children were superb as they sang classic Chanukah songs and brought joy to the City of Angels.

This 33rd annual Menorah Lighting at the Los Angeles City Hall was organized by Chabad of the West Coast led by Rabbi Boruch S. Cunin, Rabbi Moshe Greenwald of Chabad of Downtown and Rabbi Shalom Dovber Cunin.

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  • 1. Samson wrote:

    Please take note that Eric Garcetti is NOT the first Jewish Mayor of Los Angeles. The first Jewish Mayor of Los Angeles was Mayor Bernard Cohn in 1878. And in fact Bernard Cohn was an active member of the Jewish Community of Los Angeles, was a noted contributor to Jewish charities, and is buried in the Jewish cemetery in Los Angeles.


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