Congressman: Chabad Inspires Me to Speak My Conscience

Under a heavy downpour of rain, members of the Coral Springs Jewish community attended the August 13th opening of the Chai Chabad Center in Coral Springs, Florida. Congressman Ted Deutch (D-FL), offered warm greetings and accolades for Chabad’s dedication on behalf of the Jewish people who, he said, inspire him to speak his conscience against the Iran deal, even as he faces fierce opposition in Congress.

“Chabad who cares strongly about Jewish continuity, where very Jew is an entire world, inspires me in the halls of congress, where my stance on the Iranian deal is unpopular [in the Democratic party],” he told the crowd. “Being at today’s event gives me strength in my struggle.”

The center, which features a Machne Israel Development Fund Early Childhood Initiative, funded by philanthropists David and Laura Slager, is focusing on building an outstanding preschool with best teaching practices in a beautiful setting.

Located in the western corner of Coral Springs, the school and community is drawing young families to its children’s programming in an area where local schools have high ratings and have attracted young families. The new building includes multipurpose space with a synagogue, kosher kitchen, social room, and preschool.

“It’s been a dream [come true],” said community member Allen Kopelman, a digital marketing and branding professional, who dedicated the center’s lobby in the memory of his father Kenneth. Set just off the Sawgrass Expressway, the new building is centrally located. “It’s important to have a [proper] presence, and as the rabbi always taught us, you have got to create a vessel and believe in the materialization of that dream,” said Kopelman.

Despite the downpour, a sizable crowd turned out. Guests toured the new facility and enjoyed a musical accompaniment by the Kosher Rock band.

Harold White, a Christian feted at the event, was the real estate broker for the bank that owned the property. The 76 year-old had been on the property in March of 2014 when he fell and hit his head on a rock. Providentially, Chabad representatives, Rabbi Hershy and Chanie Bronstein were on their way out of what was then the Chabad House, located in a storefront across the street, and ran to assist the broker with his injuries.

Insisting that he was okay and didn’t need an ambulance, White told the couple that he was there to install a “for sale” sign. Incredulous, Bronstein told White that he had been trying to reach the bank for two years with the hope of purchasing the property. White negotiated the price that morning and signed a contract with Chabad the following day.

“The Chai center is going to be a magnet for the local Jewish community,” says Bart Dinin, a local contractor “We’re all expecting this will draw new, young families who want to reconnect with their roots and their children with Judaism. I know that the beauty of the new building and the comfort of the space will attract tremendous interest.”

Congressman Deutch participated at the ribbon cutting and the formal opening of the new state-of-the-art Chabad center.

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