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Video: Chabad Keeps the Faith in Atlantic City

Arutz 7

New Jersey’s Atlantic City is known worldwide as a haven for gamblers, with millions of tourists flocking each year to its casinos. And yet, in the heart of a city that is seemingly as far away from Jewish values as possible, you will find a thriving Chabad House, headed by Rabbi Shmuel David Rappaport and his wife Tova.

The Rappaports say their focus is particularly to impart a basic Jewish education and Jewish identity to the children of this small community – and not just at their Bar Mitzvahs or under the chuppa. As Rabbi Rappaport stresses, their work begins the moment a new Jewish child is born.

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  • 1. Chosid who was helped wrote:

    Rabbi R and Rabbi Yankie O, Thank you for all you do for the Yidden who live and pass thru AC/Margate


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