Ann Arbor Community Rejoices with New Mikvah

The Jewish community of Ann Arbor, Michigan, celebrated a historic milestone on Sunday, March 8th, with the chanukas habayis of a beautiful newly renovated Mikvah, sponsored by Mikvah USA.

The Mikvah was built in 1975 and was in need of an upgrade to make it appealing once again to the community and its surroundings cities. Thanks to Mikvah USA this was all possible.

The chanukas habayis was a festive affair that was attended by a cross section of the local Jewish community. It was immediately obvious that the newly renovated Mikvah did not only ease the burden for frum families, but is also having a transformative effect across the community.

Chabad Director Rabbi Aron Goldstein relates that immediately after the chanukas habayis, he heard of two secular families that inquired about using the Mikvah. The Mikvah has already caused them to grow in taharah and advance towards a full Torah lifestyle, a path that other local families are expected to follow, b’ezras Hashem.

“Every time a new Mikvah is completed, we see the great simcha that yidden in the community feel,” says Rabbi Baruch Cywiak, Director of Special Projects for Mikvah USA. “This motivates us to continue this avodas hakodesh until every Jewish community has an upstanding Mikvah to call its own.”

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  • 1. Get your facts straight wrote:

    Ann Arbor had a mikvah for over 30 years at the Chabad House.

  • 2. Confused Former Michigander wrote:

    There had been one there for many years in the Chabad House. Was this just renovated?

  • 3. POOR REASEARCH please correct wrote:

    This is not a NEW mikvah. Chabad ann arbor has had a mikvah for over 40 years. It was recently renovated. Nothing was bulit.

  • 4. Corrections... wrote:

    The Mikva was standing long since 1970’s, it was recently remodeled…

  • 6. R.Goldstein wrote:

    Even before the Mikvah was there, Rabbi Goldstein was there….and how many has he transformed!

    Thank you Rabbi (And MRS Goldstein) for being true lamplighters in A^2. Thank in the name of all the people you touched, that are now spread all over.


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