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New Shluchim to Massachusetts

Mere days before the commencement of the International Conference of Shluchim, has learned that Rabbi Aizik and Mrs. Brochi Katzman will be moving to Stoughton, Massachusetts, to serve as Chabad emissaries.

The couple will fulfill the spiritual needs of the 15,000 strong Jewish community in Stoughton, operating under the auspices of Rabbi Mendel and Mrs. Chana Gurkow. wishes the young couple much success on their new Shlichus!


  • 1. chaim36 wrote:

    Wishing him much mazel and bracha. Does he have any college education like the rebbee [obm] had ?

    • 2. The plain truth wrote:

      Of course he does, the Rebbe instructed to stay away from college exactly because the Rebbe was there and he learned there that college is not needed and that it is dangerous for any good Jewish boy and girl, so the Rebbe was Motzi us with His education if there’s anything that we may need from there.

      Aizik, good luck in doing what the Rebbe wants from you.

  • 3. Zalmy Schapiro wrote:

    Mazel Tov you should go from strength to strength happiness and successful happiness and well the important thing is to be safe and bring those people to the Shul teach them about learning teach them about Torah teach them how to keep Shabbat and Yom Tov good luck and have a good time hold on

  • 4. Anon wrote:

    They are the Rebbes shluchim. Not “chabad reps”
    There is a very big difference as to the way the shliach will act every moment of his Shlichus.

    No 2: After he has the rebbes knowledge in Torah matters he can worrie about a collage education.
    For the perpeses of being the rebbes shliach collage is not nesocery.

  • 5. chaim wrote:

    chaim36: yes, he has 5 years of rabbinical college-level education. is that a sufficient qualification to work as a rabbi, or do you think he should also take some naval engineering classes, to be just like the Rebbe?

    • 6. chaim36 wrote:

      That is NOT the same as a formal college education as the rebbee [obm] had in Berlin and in Paris.To better relate to the young generation you must be fully educated.BH today we have doctors , lawyers, cpa ..etc They are educated. Rabbinical ‘college does NOT qualify them.

  • 7. To number 1 wrote:

    Aizik? Aizik has the exact education that the Rebbe wanted him to have! That is, חינוך על טהרת הקודש, with no compromises!!!He comes from a family that is imbued with מסירת נפש בפועל ממש!!!. and not just cheap talk, bat rather real action of Mesiras Nefesh. It is due to this type of Chinuch that you and I still have an appreciation of being a “Yid” here in America.

    Shame on you for such a underhanded and inciteful remark.

    I would like to hope that you did not mean it the way your remark sounded, so please be extra careful next time before you make a comment, and think first.

    בדרך הצחות, my מלמד in grade 3 once told me, אינגעלע! before you talk first think it over 7 times and then you will see that you will more time then not shut up! (Easier said then done.)

    Aizik! Hatzlocho Rabbo Umuflogoh!!!

  • 9. chaim wrote:

    Chaim, I’ve been to many chabad houses, and have seen many, many doctors, lawyers, accountants, and engineers there – and I’m one of them, too. I haven’t seen any of them who wished their Rabbi was also an MD, a JD, a CPA, an MBA, an EdD, or even that he learned basic English if not at Harvard, then at least at City College. In fact, they all seem to be quite fine with the fact that the Rabbi speaks Yiddish better than English.

    If you prefer a Rabbi who also has a college degree, there’re wonderful communities like Young Israel, and many others.

    Me personally, I want a Rabbi who spent his youth in Brunoy and not in Polytechnic University in Paris. It seems that many others share that preference – but to each, his own, and it’s wonderful that we all have the choice.

    Le’chaim! :)

  • 10. To Chaim36 wrote:

    Shluchim have been doing a fine Job until now “relating to the younger generation”. They didn’t need college then or now.

    Mazel Tov aizik !

  • 11. Chovevei Torah wrote:

    Mazel Tov aizik!

    Great to see Rabbi Barbers musmachim are doing great things!

    Akiva H.


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