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CSUN Students Pitch in to Build Sukkah

The Sundial

For the small Jewish population at California State University in Northridge, the Rohr Chabad House offers students a chance to connect with their peers and experience their faith. Despite having monthly evening barbecues on the first Monday of every month, the Chabad’s event on the Monday night before Sukkos proved to be of special significance.

Besides dinner and dessert, this past week, students collaborated to help build the Chabad Center’s sukkah.

Rabbi Chaim Brook of Chabad describes the event this way:

“The holiday of Sukkot is we sit in a hut for seven days, and we eat there and we spend time there. And the reason is because we commemorate the miracle that, when the Jews left Egypt and were in the desert for 40 years — and the desert could be a very dangerous place, especially when you have large families — God put a cloud to surround the Jewish people and that guarded them. So to remember the miracle we make a sukkah.

Since the sukkah had to be built, students helped the rabbi put it together for Sukkos, which began Wednesday.

“Building a sukkah for Sukkot is a Mitzvah, so the students who are taking part of it are taking part in the Mitzvah,” Brook said. “We also need a lot of hands to do it.”

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