Chabad of Fox Chapel holds Gala Dinner

Chabad of Fox Chapel held its 3rd Annual Spark Gala at the Marriot City Center hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Sunday, March 17.

About 250 people came to salute “inspiration, community and vision” as perpetuated by the dedicated work of Shluchim Rabbi Ely and Shternie Rosenfeld.

Since its inception in 2001, Chabad of Fox Chapel has established more then 30 social, educational, cultural and religious programs, enriching the lives of thousands in the local community.

One of their highlights is Camp Gan Israel day camp, dedicated to instilling Jewish pride in young children, along with top-notch sports, artistic expression and performing arts.

Participants cheered as 3 women received awards for their volunteer work, in addition to 2 teens receiving the Teen Leadership Award.

Supporters enjoyed a full station buffet of fresh sushi, carved meats, Italian and Israeli food, as well as entertainment by Jamey Turner, one of only a few dozen people in the world to have mastered the art of the Glass Harp instrument and who has been playing for more than 30 years.

Photos by Eliran Shkedi

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