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Sukkah Mobile on the Go in and Around Sydney

This year Young Adult Chabad took their annual Sukkah Mobile to a number of locations around Sydney enabling many Jews to do the Mitzvot of Sukkot, including shaking the Lulav and making a blessing in the Sukkah.

In the city of Wollongong south of Sydney there was a picnic BBQ arranged in conjunction with KEVA (Kibbutz Ex Volunteers Association), at which many of the participants shook Lulav and Etrog for the first time in their lives.

Greg Rose, Associate Professor of Law at Wollongong University said that “every year we have more participants and every year we wait for this event so that we may enjoy the Sukkah and of course the bagels and lox”.

At Macquarie University, many of the students had not had the ability to do the mitzvah of Sukkah for several years, one girl being really happy at being given the chance to do so; the last time being when she was in pre-school.

At the University of Sydney, a class was given on the significance of Sukkot and what it means in our times and lives. The students also enjoyed pizza, mini bagels, egg and tuna salad, and nibbles.

At the University of New South Wales, students attended the weekly Shiur with pizza and refreshments but this time enhanced by the shade of the Sukkah.

All in all Hundreds of people all over Sydney were given the opportunity to come into the Sukkah Mobile and fulfill the Mitzvot of Sukkot.

The Sukkahmobile was manned by Young Adult Chabad Director Rabbi Eli Feldman and Manager Rabbi Danny Yaffe.

Young Adult Chabad is based in Sydney and is an initiative of the Yeshiva Centre – Chabad NSW Headquarters.

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