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Shliach Visits Israelis Wounded in Denmark Shooting

ODENSE, Denmark [CHI] — Rabbi Yitzi Lowenthal Shliach to Denmark, visited the two Israelis wounded in Wednesdays shooting in a mall in Odense, about 160 km from Copenhagen. Despite shooting 5 or more shots fired, the two Israelis were only wounded in the leg and arm. The one wounded in the arm, had surgery, and will require surgery again soon. He managed to throw a chair at the shooter, thereby confusing his aim. The shooter has been apprehended by Danish police

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Some of the campers from Chabad’s Gan Israel that had just finished, made get well cards for the two young men. they were very appreciative of this gesture, they donned teffilin, and wanted to say hagomel for the miracle they experienced. The Chabad house in Copenhagen and other Jewish institutions are reviewing their security arrangements.

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