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PSA: WhatsApp Hacking Scam Reported has been receiving multiple reports of WhatsApp hacking the community. DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM!

The scam works after the hacker has gained access to a person’s account, being able to see all the person’s contacts and private information. The hacker then attempts to gain access to the account of a contact of the first victim, many times a family member.

When the hacker attempts to log on to the new Whatsapp, an automated code is sent VIA SMS to the contact’s phone. The hacker then sends a message asking for the contact to forward the number to them, many times saying that it was sent to the contact by accident.

Once the hacker has that code, they have full control of the account, including being able to change the account’s phone number.

DO NOT FALL FOR THE SCAM! Never sent codes to ANY contact, regardless if you may know or trust them.

Another tip to avoid this scam is to set up two step verification, by going Settings > Account > Two-Step Verification.

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