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PSA: Support KSCVK, Give Machtzis Hashekel

One of the customs observed during the Fast of Esther is the Mitzvah of Machtzis Hashekel which is given around Mincha time. Support Keren Simchas Chosson V’kallah through this special mitzvah and help a Chosson and Kallah have a beautiful wedding.

The following is the schedule where to do Machatzis Hashekel

Thursday, February 25th Ta’anis Esther
Downstairs 770
or Empire Kosher
between 12:30pm & 5:30pm

Friday, February 26th – Purim
At the Benjamin’s – 716 Montgomery St. (side door)
or Downstairs 770

For more information please call:
Devorah: 917.225.2515 or Rochel: 718.774.4578

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