Info to Be Menachem Avel the Tzfasman Family

The Tzfasman Family is sitting Shiva after the sudden and tragic passing of their dear son and brother, Noti, OBM, at 551 Crown Street [between Kingston and Albany Aves.] until Thursday morning.

Shachris – 10:00am
Mincha and Maariv – Bizmanam.

At the family’s request, please refrain from visiting between the hours of 1:00pm and 4:00pm, or after 9:00pm.

The family members sitting Shiva are his parents, R’ Chaim Ezra and Dina Perel, and siblings:
Shternie Levi (Cincinnati)
Moshe (Crown Heights)
Zalman (Brazil)
Levi (Canarsie)
Chani Lieblich (Crown Heights)
Shaina Silber (Monsey)
Berel (Crown Heights)
Mendy (Crown Heights)
Yossi (L.A.)
Shmulie (Crown Heights)
Boruch (Crown Heights)
Mushki Sapo (Crown Heights)
Nechama (Crown Heights)
Rivka (Crown Heights)