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Philanthropists Gad, Fisher Sponsor $5 Kapparos

Kapparos is once again available to year-round residents of Crown Heights at a deeply discounted price, thanks to the involvement of two philanthropists with a history of supporting the Crown Heights community.

Kapparos will be available at Beis Rivka (corner of Montgomery & Nostrand) on Tuesday, September 26 from 2 – 9 pm. The deeply discounted price of $5 is thanks to the generosity of diamond mogul Morris Gad of Diamond International, who has supported kapparos in Crown Heights for over ten years. He is joined by local real estate developer, Rabbi Dovid Fischer, as co-sponsor.

“Mr. Gad and Rabbi Fischer have been very generous with our community,” said Rabbi Shea Hecht, Chairman of NCFJE, long-time organizer of kapparos. “There are hundreds of households in Crown Heights that are counting every penny this time of year, and wouldn’t be able to properly observe our minhag if not for them. We are so grateful to Mr. Gad and Rabbi Fisher for always the needs of our community in mind.”

“I’d like to remind everyone to be mindful of the halachos of tzar baalei chaim, and not to give fuel to any arguments of any of those who have harassed us in recent years,” said Rabbi Hecht. “If there are any protestors present, we ask that you just keep your distance. They’re not worth responding to.”

Rabbi JJ Hecht OBM, the Chairman of NCFJE, began reviving widespread observance of kapparos in the early 1970s. The Rebbe encouraged his efforts and would ask for details of the operation, including the number of birds sold, the expenses, shechita and who took part.


  • 1. chaya wrote:

    First I am not a petaist c”V, or a vegetarian, and I have been doing kapparos for over 40 years. But tonight I was so disturbed by the wasteful and deplorable view of a mountain of dead chickens. the supporters are big baalei tzedekah, but this should not come at such a terrible view for the youngsters, as they watch the terrible handling of the chickens that died from lack of water, food or too cramped. Our holy minhagim should be kept holy and not descend into cruelty. the sponsors have a responsibility to safeguard this so as not to become a chilul hashem. As a community, we need to make sure this does not ever happen again.

  • 3. To #2 Dina wrote:

    Yes Thurs nite till Fri morning, how much will a chicken be ? Erev Y”K is Thurs nite


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