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Every Child Needs a Parent at Home

Whether you have children or not, some things are just fundamentally understood. A child needs a parent! For children to grow in a healthy, confident, and stable manner, they need parental support and guidance.

In most households, this is obvious, and somewhat simple. Either the mother or the father is there for the children. Whether it is a kiss, a hug or a smile, or whether it is help with homework, or providing guidance or support.

The Eidelman children are no different. But the Eidelman children lost their mother, and their father’s business is still in its growing stages, and requires lots of resources. Up until recently, this mostly meant Shmuel’s time!

Having to choose between making sure children have a parent available, or being able to financially support the family, is a choice no one should ever be faced with. We, as a community, as brethren, just can’t let this nightmare scenario become a reality!

Close your eyes and think for a moment. Imagine a person who was able to spend 9 to 14 hours a day at work (and some more time learning and davening) while his wife was home for the kids. Until what time should he be home in the morning to send the kids off to school? At what time should he come home from his business and be fully available for his family? How often might he need to take a day off for a child?

Now open your eyes, and decide what your part (in dollars and cents) will be, in making sure whatever needs to happen for the family, indeed happens, so that the children can grow with at least one parent whenever they need one.

To Contribute, please visit:

This matching campaign is in connection with the previous fundraiser, as many funds are still desperately needed for the family and 100% of your donation goes to the family and is tax-deductible.

Thank you charidy for partnering with us to insure that the family receives every donation in full.

If you would like to send in a check or drop off cash you can do so; checks can be written out to; Ezrat Israel Inc. Eidelman Fund and mailed/dropped off to; 806 Eastern parkway Brooklyn NY 11213. Please text 347-560-8337 with the amount being sent, so we can include you in this campaign.

Any cash/check donation over $180 that you would like to be picked up, please text 347-560-8337 with the amount, address and best time that works for you.



  • 1. After donating just wanna mention wrote:

    This article is a “Native Advertising” failure and basically news bait & switch;

    The title draws you in by what sounds like an interesting opinion piece / op ed / discussion about parenting, but then contains none of that and instead is an appeal / fundraiser.

    The way to do native advertising properly is to make sure you include both the interesting topic promised in the title AND also sneak in some alternative agenda/appeal for action etc.

    But skipping what draws in the readers and going straight for the intended agenda = Bait & switch

    • 2. Author's response wrote:

      As the author of this article, I really appreciate your response (though I am unfamiliar with the term “native advertising”).

      I admit to being guilty as charged with “bait and switch”. After all, it did get you to read it, rather than just skip to the next article.

      Just like many readers, unfortunately the myriad of tragedies that we hear about make us almost want to pass over another story asking for help. With so many tragedies, we tend to find a justification in our minds as to why we can skip this cause or another.

      How many people do you know that will say that one should buy life insurance only on the breadwinner, but not on the stay at home spouse? And even if you were to insure the non working spouse, how much would you need?

      That is why I felt this article should talk directly to the point, rather than a general appeal for help. The crux of the issue here is that there’s a father whose work can take him away from home for many hours (this period being one of the busiest for CPAs), yet there are young children that need a parent. While the funds will be handed over directly to be used as seen fit, in my mind the main purpose would be to enable the father to cut down his work hours by 50% or more, so his kids can have at least one parent (who won’t have to worry about his source of income collapsing).

    • 3. OP wrote:

      Just keep in mind your readers trust;

      You might cause readers to see an innocent/interesting looking title but lose their readership because “Oh you’re not tricking me again; I don’t trust these titles anymore – they’re just tricking me into clicking into an article which may very well end up being not what it claimed”

  • 4. agree with #1 wrote:

    and a few weeks ago there was same (fake) “article” with blessing from the “gedolim” of Bnei Brak!!!!!

    shame on us


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