Broadcasts Daily Siyumim for 9 Days is once again proud to partner with the NCFJE, which has been broadcasting live siyumim on the radio for over thirty years, to bring you live broadcasts of daily siyumim for the nine days.

The siyum broadcasts are also available on the Jewish.TV app. No need to worry where you are at the time of the siyum, as you can join in with your iPhone, Android, or other smart device by going to

The siyumim run from Rosh Chodesh through the 15th of Av.

Tonight’s siyum will begin at 6:00pm EDT.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe initiated the custom of participating in a Siyum on each of the “Nine Days.” Keeping up with this 30-year old tradition, NCFJE will be making siyumim on the radio.

The siyumim can be viewed live online at the time listed in the schedule below:

5777-2017 Siyum Schedule
1 Av – Monday, July 24 Tractate Tamid 5:15 PM ET
2 Av – Tuesday, July 25 Tractate Megillah 6:00 PM ET
3 Av – Wednesday, July 26 Tractate Bava Basra 6:00 PM ET
4 Av – Thursday, July 27 Tractate Chagigah 5:15 PM ET
5 Av – Friday, July 28 Tractate Taanis 5:15 PM ET
6 Av – Saturday Night, July 29 Tractate Kesubos 11:59 PM ET
7 Av – Sunday, July 30 Tractate Chullin 2:45 PM ET
8 Av – Monday, July 31 Tractate Moed Katan 5:15 PM ET
9 Av – Tuesday, August 1 Tractate Moed Katan 6:00 PM ET
10 Av – Wednesday, August 2 Tractate Sotah 5:15 PM ET
11 Av – Thursday, August 3 Tractate Shavuos 5:15 PM ET
12 Av – Friday, August 4 Tractate Chagigah 5:15 PM ET
13 Av – Saturday Night, August 5 Tractate Kereisos 11:59 PM ET
14 Av – Sunday, August 6 Tractate Kiddushin 2:45 PM ET
15 Av – Monday, August 7 Tractate Tamid 6:00 PM ET

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