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Alternate Side Rules Suspended Monday, Tuesday

Alternate side parking (street cleaning) regulations will be suspended Monday and Tuesday, June 26-27, for a Muslim holiday. All other regulations, including parking meters, remain in effect.


  • 1. tomim wrote:

    disgusting. They never close ASP for yiddishe holidays like 19 kislev!

  • 3. Shimon Eliezer wrote:

    Very interesting how a muslim holiday coincides with Gimmel Tamuz, bec the Rebbe would scream about the Shtachim & Eretz HaKodesh & how important it is to not be intimidated by them, sichos upon sichos about this subject, wow that it really amazing, but for sure Gimmel Tamuz will over power this muslim Holiday, with all it’s might, I put the word muslim with a under case m, not capital as not 2 give them power & strength, the Rebbe also said “Not” to use the word Palestinian, bec u are giving power & strength to their claim that they have a portion & claim to the land & that is so false it’s unbelievable, we shouldn’t use that term they are Arabs that’s what they are, thank u


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