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Motzei Shabbos: Lag Ba’omer Bonfire

Marking the beginning of Lag Ba’omer, a communal bonfire will be lit once again on Kingston Avenue in front of the Wingate High School – located at 600 Kingston Avenue – beginning at 9:45pm.


  • 1. Did the Rebbe do it? Not minhag Chabad wrote:

    What is this ‘communal bonfire’?

    Did the Rebbe ever make such a bonfire?

    Why are people adopting new customs that are historically not minhag Chabad Lubavitch?

    • 2. Not True wrote:

      In many chabad neighborhoods (Kfar Chabad etc…) they hold massive communal bon fires. Kids look forward to it for weeks, helping in collecting wood and building it.

      Now to call it a custom is a bit strong, but Klal Yisroel DOES in fact do it, so who are you to call into question a beautiful event that brings the community out and together?

  • 3. Not minhag Chabad wrote:

    Did the Nesiim of Chabad do it?

    Is the new minhag Chabad to copy Poylishe Chasidim? Is Chabad now imitating Chagas?

    Oy, the Rebbe’s absence is felt.


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