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Mitzvah Tanks to Conquer New York City

This upcoming Yud Alef Nissan, Chassidim will be celebrating the Rebbe’s 115th birthday, many by presenting the Rebbe with various gifts. However, every year, one of these gifts stands out from all the others.

The one gift that always stands out is the Mitzvah Tank Parade that conquers NYC on the Rebbe’s birthday each year.

This year, being the Rebbe’s 115th birthday, there is a special effort underway to get as many boys as possible to participate.

Aside from putting on Teffilin with thousands, and distributing hundreds of pounds of Matzah, the Mitzvah Tanks brings across the Rebbe’s message to all New Yorkers.

This year’s Yud Alef Nissan parade will be having 67 Tanks, corresponding to the 67 years of the Rebbe’s Nesius.

The parade will be leaving from Kingston and President, and pass the Tzivos Hashem rally in front of 770 after the Rebbe’s Minyan at 10:30AM SHARP.

Parents who would like their boys to join the ‘Tankisten’ should sign up at kids.tankparade.orgClick here to donate, or call 718-804-0077. For any questions or comments, call 718-804-0077 ext.135 or email

Thanks to a group of dedicated Bochurim, there will be a special emphasis on increasing the number of participants on each tank. The organizers therefore urge all families to send their children on Mivtzoim in honor of the Rebbe’s 115th birthday.

New this year: You can pick the tank you would like to go on.

* Those who sign up before Tuesday will be able to request who they want to be with (up to 5 ‘Tankisten’).

** There will be a special raffle for the first 65 ‘Tankisten’ who sign up.

The Mitzvah Tank Office would like to thank the NYPD, and particularly the 71st Pct., for making this year’s parade possible.

The organizers hope that this parade will end this Golus and march us towards the Geulah Ha’amitis V’hashleima, with the Rebbe leading the way!



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