New JEM WhatsApp Series for 22 Shevat

On 22 Shevat 5748, the Rebbe’s wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka passed away. The Rebbetzin devoted her entire life to the Rebbe and his Chassidim, but her modesty meant that only when the Rebbe began to publicly speak about her, did many begin to appreciate her true greatness. After her passing, the Rebbe urged Chassidim to apply these lessons in their own lives.

Today, the thousands of Jewish girls who carry her name are a shining expression of what she stood for, and they’re joined by many thousands of others who strive to continue to live up to her legacy.

In honor of her 29th Yahrzeit, JEM will present a week-long series (beginning Sunday) of WhatsApp clips with lessons and insights from the Rebbe on the life of the Rebbetzin.

To join, WhatsApp the word “Subscribe” to +1 718 774 6000

There’s no need to resubscribe if you’re already receiving JEM’s daily videos.

The series will air on 16-22 Shevat | February 12-18

JEM’s daily WhatsApp clips are also available with subtitles in other languages. Just send a WhatsApp message to these numbers respectively.

French: +33 6 01 23 98 07

Russian: +7 929 933 5344

Spanish: +1 718 682 0440

Hebrew: +972 58 609 2050

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