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New Orleans Father of Seven Battles Cancer and More

Professor David Kaufmann has been overcoming cancer for over two years. After undergoing a perilous surgery in Texas, he arrived back in New Orleans with his family, finally ready to return home and settle down to a semblance of normalcy. Unfortunately, a nasty surprise awaited them when they walked through the door.

Over the past two years, Professor Kaufmann has endured many rounds of chemotherapy, has fought through dangerous abdominal surgery at MDAnderson in Houston to remove a large tumor, and finally has moved back home to New Orleans to continue treatment.

As David and his wife, Nechama, were returning home from Houston, they discovered that their house in New Orleans had succumbed to mold. It’s toxic and uninhabitable even for a healthy person. How much more so is it uninhabitable for David, who is allergic to mold and has a compromised immune system from the cancer and chemo?

They do have homeowner’s insurance, but are still left with over $40,000 of mandatory repairs and mold removal that will not be covered due to high deductibles. The family desperately wants to finish remediating the toxic mold, so they can go back to their own home with their high school-age daughter to regain a “normal” family life and continue David’s recovery peacefully.

This huge mold removal cost, combined with medical treatment costs, some uninsured or with high co-pays, as well as years of lost work for both David and Nechama, has left their move-in at a standstill.

Right now, David is back in the hospital fending off a major infection. Your generous donation will go towards David’s medical needs so he can beat this thing for good and towards getting the family into their home.

David has shared so much throughout his life with his students at Tulane University, with the Jewish community, and with the city of New Orleans. He is a family man who has dedicated his life to teaching and really making people think.  With all that he has endured, he continues to give strength and inspiration through his prolific writings and optimistic, positive nature. His generosity and caring nature are inspirational. 

Together, we can help make a difference. He, his wife, and his many children will be forever grateful. Thank you for your generosity. Prayers are always welcome.

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