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Donations to Muller Family Fund to Be Doubled

A matching crowd-funding campaign has been launched for the sake of the family of Rabbi Moshe Muller, OBM, Shliach to Ilford, UK, who passed away suddenly and tragically last week and left behind a wife and eight children without a clear source of income.

The last of the aunts and uncles have gone home. Shiva is over. But for Brocha Muller and her 8 orphans, a new reality is just beginning.

It was just a week ago that they received the news that would change their lives forever. Rabbi Moshe Muller, their devoted husband and father, was dead at the age of 43.

As Brocha tries valiantly to be there for her children, questions flash through her mind: Who will drive carpool today? Who will walk the children to the chuppah? How will I remember all the bills that Moshe used to take care of? Will little Avraham Yisrael even remember his father?

Meanwhile, the children – between the ages of 19 and 3 – have their own questions: Will we still be able to take drum lessons we know Tatty worked so hard to provide? Do I have a future, if I don’t have a father? Who will I be able to talk to that can understand me like Tatty did?

From the moment the tragedy struck, family and friends – and even strangers – have rallied around the Mullers, beloved shluchim in Ilford, a large suburb northeast of London. Even before the funeral, two separate fundraising campaigns have begun, one in the US and one in England. To date, they raised $85,000 and £35,000 respectively.

Yet, for a family of 9 that just lost its sole breadwinner, more needs to be done.

A group of fellow shluchum have arranged a matching campaign to establish a trust that will ensure that the Muller family will be able to pay for tuition, bar mitzvahs and weddings, in addition to daily expenses.

On Wednesday, May 18, every donation will be doubled, with the hope of bringing in an additional $300,000 much needed funds.

Please answer the Muller children’s call and give generously. Let’s make sure that the family of Rabbi Moshe Muller – who was there for everyone at any time – is provided for.

This campaign is being endorsed by:
Harav Rabbi Boruch Hertz
Rabbi Meir Shimon Moskowitz
Rabbi Dovie Shapiro

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  • 1. no one special wrote:

    Is there a ban on life-insurance in Lubavitch?
    My question does neither change my sense of responsibility to this family nor is it a suggestion of blame.

  • 2. mum wrote:

    they need million dollars plus at least think about it for 9 ppl a year to cover costs one needs is 200.000 for the next 21 years till the youngest is married remember from now on these children need better things then the rest to make up for there loss

  • 3. Donated wrote:

    But again, this should be a wake-up call for everyone to have life insurance planning.

  • 4. Milhouse wrote:

    Vehachai yiten el libo. If Moshe had had proper coverage this campaign wouldn’t be needed, but of course who would have thought this would happen? He was young, had years in front of him, plenty of time to deal with such things when they became more relevant. Nobody thinks anything will happen to them, until r”l it does. When you have a large family depending on you, life insurance is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

    On the planes they tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others with theirs. Please give generously to this campaign, but not before making sure that your own family will be looked after if ch”v — may Hashem protect us — something were to happen to you.

    May we never see such a campaign again, and may the insurance companies grow rich(er) and fat(ter) off us, because everyone should be insured and no one should ever have to make a claim.


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