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Fundraising Drive to Aid Family Facing Eviction

A Crown Heights family about to be evicted from their apartment after the father found himself without a job and buried by medical bills. The couple’s child is of marriageable age, but cannot proceed with Shiduchim due to lack of funds.

The following letter was signed by Rabbis Leibel Groner, Yossi Biston, Leivi Sudak and Moshe Pinson on the family’s behalf:

Dear brothers and sisters, Sheyichyu,

You probably have seen campaigns for so many people and institutions recently, all very worthy causes. However, this campaign is special in that it includes many different Mitzvos: Not only is this family in desperate need after sudden job loss and impossibility (until now) of finding another position, but also because they need need medical help and have a child waiting to get married because of lack of funds…

Currently, the father is not well due mostly to the shock of his financial situation, the mother needs surgery and medication for which she cannot pay, and they have a child who is the only person able to work in the family (currently) and is waiting to get married… They are also facing eviction because of non-payment of their rent for a long time (about $10,000).

They have approximately another $40,000 in debt (medical, credit card, personal loans, pawning, etc.) that been accumulated in the last year or so, and after much deliberation with their social worker, financial counselor, banker, mashpia, and rav, they have reluctantly agreed that the only way to reimburse all their debts and have enough to get medically treated and able to work, as well as have a few months’ expenses paid for in advance so they are able to find work and pay for their child’s chasuna and the basics for the young couple, is to turn to you, fellow Chassidim and family.

As the saying goes, Chassidim sind eine mishpocho. It should not only be a saying, but reality, especially as this family, who built a beautiful mosad on Shlichus, gave parnassa to so many, helped innumerable people always with a smile, and all of whom are following in the ways of the Rebbe, have nowhere to turn with the Rebbe not here physically, but to their brothers and sisters…

Please help as generously as you can. Every dollar will go a long way to help prevent eviction, pay for surgery and medications, debt relief, and their child’s chasuna! Please contact us directly for other payment arrangements, including a tax-deductible option through a Chabad mosad.

May this tremendous zechus bring you all Brochos ad bli dai in bonei, chayei umezonei, vekulam revichei, especially the ultimate Brocho of all, Moshiach NOW!


Rabbi Leibel Groner

Rabbi Yossi Biston

Rabbi Leivi Sudak

Rabbi Moshe Pinson

To assist the family, please click here.


  • 1. much hatzlacha wrote:

    there are organizations that help bochurim in the age of shiduchim

  • 2. Confused wrote:

    Why would their child have to wait to get married? People with no parents and no money get married all the time…


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