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Tonight: Presents Evening with Renowned Therapist

The Mikvah Organization/ will be presenting a complimentary evening out, featuring the inspiring Lisa Twersky, LCSW, renowned therapist, author and lecturer, beginning at 7:45pm tonight at United Lubavitcher Yeshiva-Crown St.

Mrs. Twerski lends her expertise and knowledge to topics that affect the personal lives and relationships in our often, chaotic world. The evening’s lecture, titled: “If we are all communicating, why aren’t we understanding each other?” – discusses how to build emotional intimacy in today’s age of technology. Today, we have ‘friends’ and are busy ‘communicating’ all day long, but where have all the real relationships gone? Can we still communicate in full sentences?

The evening includes an uplifting Dvar Malchus with Mrs. Sara Morozow, acclaimed Kallah Teacher, an exciting Mini Chinese auction – complete with Split the Pot, and a medley of tasty salads to tickle your taste buds.

“The evening is certain to entertain and inspire, “says program coordinator Mrs. Kraindy Klein, “with beautiful gifts for each attendee, provided by the generosity of Mrs. Leah Gniwisch of Kallah Jewelry and Delmar International. We know how many roles each woman plays every day. We want you to come out, learn and relax. Leave with something new to think about!”

Mrs. Aliza Scheinfeld lends her own special blend of humor and excitement to the evening in her role as Chairlady and raffle selection.

Special gifts for all attendees, include a beautiful cookbook containing recipes of the delectable salads featured on the evenings’ menu!

“We thank all our sponsors and Junior N’shei for their invaluable guidance and direction in helping defray the expenses of this event,” says Mrs. Devorah Leah Eilenberg, assisting coordinator of the event.

Please visit for further details and list of prizes.



  • 1. it was amazing wrote:

    The program was really amazing! Thank you for a lovely event – beautifully set up, great speaker. Looking forward to more events!

  • 2. Kraindy Klein wrote:

    I would like to thank all 300 attendees at last night’s event.
    It was as wonderful as we hoped it would be.
    All of the presenters were excellent.
    the atmosphere was friendly and pleasant.
    Will post online shortly (next few days)

    We look forward to the next event shortly after Pesach, iy’h.
    a freilichen Purim to all,

  • 3. beautiful!! wrote:

    i hope next time there will be 600 women. with so many families in C.H I would have expected more women! Can we get a video for all the women from out of town? Thank u1


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