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Shluchos Invite Women of Crown Heights

In the spirit of Hakhel, and with tremendous appreciation to the Crown Heights community, the women of Crown Heights are all invited to join the Shluchos for an Oneg Shabbos on the Friday night of the Kinus Hashluchos.

The event will take place on Friday night, 19 Shevat (January 29), at 9:30 pm at Oholei Torah, 667 Eastern Parkway.

Participants will share stories, songs and inspiration to help them all continue in the way the Rebbe and Rebbetzin taught.

“It is an honor for the Shluchos to have an opportunity to farbreng with you and celebrate in the spirit of ‘sheves achim gam yachad,'” said Merkos in a statement.


  • 1. with all due respect wrote:

    i’m sure this was meant to be kind, but it comes across as if this is some type of reward being given to the women of crown heights that we will have the great zchus to actually participate in a farbrengen with shluchos, somehow as if they are better than us or something, and in their great kindness and appreciation they are allowing us to join them.
    not sure this comes across quite nicely or in the spirit of true “hakhel” at all

  • 3. Very excited wrote:

    Great idea. Looking forward too joining this hakhel farbregen with the shluchos.

  • 6. Pedant wrote:

    Everybody thinks they’re better than everyone else.

    Mostly because in some sense it’s true.

    Everyone has their own challenges that only they can contend with and their own contribution that only they can make, and everybody senses their own unique capacities.

    So do Shluchim think they’re better than non-shluchim? I’m sure they that they do.

    Do non shluchim believe that to be a load of falsehood, I am sure they do.

    They are both correct; They are both incorrect.

    At the end of the day, it’s a hakhel event and an opportunity to come together as chasidim.


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