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Tonight: Hachnosas Sefer Torah for Wilanskys

The Crown Heights community is cordially invited to celebrate the completion of a Sefer Torah, which was dedicated in memory of Nechama bas Reb Yaakov Mordechai, OBM, and for a complete and speedy recovery for her husband, Rabbi Yehoshua Wilansky, may he live and be well.

The event will take place tonight, Monday, Zoz Chanukah:

6:00 PM – Marching from Hasofer, 321 Kingston Ave. to 1455 Carroll St., weather permitting.
6:15 PM – Hakofos at 1455 Carroll St.
Followed by a Seudas Mitzvah at the Lubavitcher Yeshiva-Crown St. simcha hall.


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  • 1. ccm wrote:

    she was a wonderful woman, kind and tzanua, and he is a man who really is a chosid, with tremendous ahavas yisroel. If everyone would have his ahavas yisroel, we would be closer to Moshiach. He never judged anyone elses yiddishkeit, nor anything else either. Great human being


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