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Alternate Side Rules Suspended Tuesday – Thursday

Alternate side parking (street cleaning) regulations will be suspended Tuesday, February 17, to facilitate snow removal. Alternate Side Parking will also be suspended on Wednesday, February 18, for a Christian holiday, and Thursday, February 19, for Asian Lunar New Year. Payment at parking meters will remain in effect throughout the City.


  • 1. Skver wrote:

    What’s the Christian holiday on Wednesday & since when does Brooklyn celebrate Asian holidays that it would effect Parking is there an explanation 4 this ?

    • 2. Ezra wrote:

      The Christian holiday is Ash Wednesday.

      New York City – Brooklyn included – has quite a lot of Asians, notably Chinese and Vietnamese: drive or walk down Canal Street sometime, and you’ll notice. Since the city suspends parking for our holidays (and rightly so – we can’t move our cars on them), it is only fair that they do this for other religions’ holidays as well.


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