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PSA: Snow Storm School Closures

With a potentially record-shattering blizzard descending upon New York City tonight, some local schools have already announced closures for Tuesday, while others are waiting for further developments before making a determination. has compiled a list of school closures and schedules, which will be periodically updated as the storm progresses.

Parents are encouraged to call the schools’ main phone numbers for the most up-to-date information. If you are aware of any updates we missed, please e-mail us at

Girls’ Schools:

Beis Rivkah – Closed for all grades Tuesday.

Bnos Menachem – No info

Beis Chaya Mushka – Closed for all grades Tuesday.

Boys’ Schools:

Oholei Torah – Will be determined at 7:00am Tuesday morning.

Lubavitcher Yeshiva Crown St. – Pre-school through Grade 3 closed Tuesday. Grades 4-8 will be determined at 7:00am Tuesday morning.

Lubavitcher Yeshiva Ocean Pkwy. – No info

Darchai Menachem – Closed for all grades Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ohr Menachem – Parents will be notified by phone Monday evening.

Cheder at the Ohel – Closed for all grades Tuesday.

Day Care Centers:

All My Children – All locations closed Tuesday.

Gymies – Parents will be notified by phone Monday evening.

This list is current as of Monday, January 26, at  3:00pm.


  • 1. uly crown st correction wrote:

    While there is no school for students or janitors, the teachers must come in for a suddenly scheduled meeting with the principal.

  • 2. Nobody wrote:

    Chovivei Torah Mesivta – Open.

    Bnos Menachem is closed anyway for midwinter break, so the only question is Wednesday.

  • 9. Ch'er wrote:

    please have the schools open Tuesday, as my children can be stranded in school.

    lol jk….. yes we need to be better safe then sorry. making things easier for us all.

    perhaps it may cause a difficulty with some parents who have no choice but to work, however its a responsible thing to do

    I am certain… the Rebbe would say something like,,,,, (obviously my personal thoughts)

    “Stay in, use the time for education and family unity, learn Torah whereas we cant go out any way.. use out this time wisely”

    Be safe… make the best of it….

  • 12. 1 wrote:

    are you a teacher that was called in for a meeting?
    are you not happy for having to go in?


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