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Parents of Injured Soldiers Request: Pray for Their Recovery

The staff of the Chabad’s Terror Victims Project are visiting the soldiers injured by the fighting in Gaza, who are hospitalized in hospitals throughout Israel. In Soroka in Beer Sheva, Beilinson in Petach Tikva, Barzilai in Ashkelon and Shiba in Ramat Gan. We strive to encourage and strengthen the spirit of the injured soldiers , bring them gifts, while giving the families emergency aid.

Tehilim and Names in the Extended Article

The families and the soldiers were very moved to hear that special prayers are being held fpr their speedy recovery in over 4000 Chabad Houses world wide. As well as in many communities and by many private people.

The staff of Chabad’s Terror Victims Project requests in name of all the soldiers and their family members to continue with prayers for their full and speedy recovery.

Here is a list of the injured soldiers to be prayed for. May the list get shorter and shorter with complete recoveries for all.

If you would like a word document with this information that you can hang in your chabad house, please contact Menachem Kutner.

נועם בן אלזה
Noam Ben Elza- Foot cut off by direct hit by omb. Doctors fighting now to save his second leg.
ליאל הושע בן מרים
Liyal Hoshea Ben Miriam- Critically head injury.
בן בן נתיבה
Ben Ben Netiva-Critically injured, head injury hand cut off. Now doctors are fighting to save the other hand.
יוסף חיים בן זיוה
Yosef Chaim Ben Ziva- – Gravely injured all along left side. Woke up today! Began responding to surooundings.Still in intensive care.
דביר בן לאה
Dvir Ben Leah- -Gravely injured in legs.
רפאל בן דינה
Refael Ben Dina- Critically injured.
נריה בן רבקה
Neria Cen Rivka-Critical head injury.
אורן בן אילנה
Oren Ben Ilana – Gravely injured in shoulder and arm, finger cut off.
רונן חי בן לאה
Ronen Chaya Ben Leah- Critically injured.
רון בן חבצלת
Ron Ben Havatzelet- Critically injured by splinters all over his body.
איתן בן שרה
Eitan Ben Sara- Grave leg injuiry.
גל בן חדוה
Gal Ben Chedva-Gravely injured with splinters in jaw.
רן בן מרל
Ran Ben Pearl-Intermediate soldier injury.
עידן בן נאדי
Idan Ben Nady- Intermediate injury by splinters.
יצחק בן נאוה
Yitzchak Ben Naava- Intermediate shoulder injury.
אוהד בן ברכה
Ohad Ben Bracha- Intermediate face injury.
נתנאל בן נאוה
Netanel Ben Naava- Intermediate knee injury from aplinters.
מקסים בן אולגה
Maxim Ben Olga-Liught leg injury, undergoing operation to remove splinters.
ישראל בן אילנה
Yisrael Ben Ilana- Light injury from splinters in ear.
יועד עידו בן פרידה רבקה
Yoad Ido Ben Frieda Rivka-Lightly injured by splinters.
עידן בן ליאורה
Idan Ben Liora-Lightly injured by splinters.
נדב בן מריה
Nadav Ben Maria-Lightly injured by splinters.
שגיא בן אוסנת
Sagi Ben Osnat- Lightly injured by splinters in leg.
עומר בן דורית
Omer Ben Dorit- Lightly injured by splinters in kegs.
ליאור בן מזל
Lior Ben Mazal- Injured by splinters in leg.
ייבגני בן אליזבטה
Yizgeni Ben Elizabeth- Leg injury.

Please pray for the civilians who were injured by the Kassem attacks in the past days and are still hospitalized in the various hospitals:
גבריאל בן שרה
Gavriel Ben Sara- a child from Sderot who has a severe panic attack from the falling of a Kassem missile near him.
יעקב בן רבקה
Yaakov Ben Rivka- Critically injured when hit by a Kassem missile.
בת אל הילה בת פיבי
Bat El Hila Bat Fibi- Intermediate injury by a Kassem in Netivot.
גילה בת אודליה
Gila Bat Odelia- Intermediate injury by a Kassem hit in Netivot.

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