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Neshei U’bnos Chabad – iNow, The World is Ready!

For more than 40 hours, we held our breaths. Who could breathe, who could function, with our very own ‒ Jews, Lubavitchers, shluchim ‒ hostage?

Sifrei kodesh bullet ridden; a Chabad House full of blood and bodies. We all davened, pleading with Hashem, each in our own way . . . and then we heard the terrible fatal news.

The shock, the pain, the tears we cried, the denials we threw up to Hashem. But it’s easy to forget, distracted by the very normalcy of our lives.

But that’s not fair. It’s not fair to just acquiesce to tragedy, to be resigned to more kaparos, more pain, more suffering. We need to end galus NOW! Chas vesholom should an orphan have to grow up commemorating his parents’ murders and the destruction of his life on his birthday, year after year.

Last week we were storming, pleading and demanding from Hashem. Now, we have to continue.

Please join women and girls throughout the world in a project designed with one goal ‒ to end galus now! Let us say NO to life where almost every day another structure crumbles, and when it seems it can’t get any worse, another support crashes, and another.

The Rebbe told us that the derech yeshara, the straightest path to bring Moshiach, is learning about Moshiach, especially through the Rebbe’s talks. Another tool is achdus. A third power is women ‒ the nashim tzidkaniyos in whose hands the Rebbe entrusted the redemption.

Our goal is to harness all three enormous forces by uniting women and girls around the world in learning inyonei Moshiach.

To join, please say YES to the liaison in your school or community, or join directly on Join this grassroots movement toward geula – a project conceived by girls, a website designed by girls, and summaries written by girls. You will be partnered with people around the world. We will be united through learning the same oisiyos of the same sichos. Our goal is to learn four oisiyos weekly. On our website,, we will put up the sicha with summaries and translations. The information can be faxed if you do not have access to the Internet.

There are 4 options to participate, to personalize the learning for each individual according to her style while maintaining the Achdus. You can choose to:

• Teach these Sichos to others
• Learn Bechevrusa with a detailed word list
• Be taught these Sichos
• Learn Bechevrusa through detailed english summaries

Neshei U’bnos Chabad International

Please report weekly of your groups learning. You will be able to report online, by phone or by text – 563-564-2532. For more details, log onto our website On Monday, we will draw a weekly winner in a raffle of all the high school groups who reported learning the previous week.

In the year of hakhel, there is no greater power that we can harness than our achdus in fulfilling the Rebbe’s hora’os of the derech yeshara to bring Moshiach. Let us collectively tell the Aibishter NO ‒ no more tragedies, no more orphans, no more blood and tears. Aibishter, we are committed to doing what You have told us works. Please, just reveal Moshiach now!

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