Proud All My Children Parents Celebrate Their Sons’ Hachnosa L’Cheider

Proud family members at All My Children of Crown St. and Lefferts Ave gathered together to celebrate their sons’  Hachnosa L’cheider. 

The focus of the event was the children, our guarantors, celebrating a mini Matan Torah of their own, as they were formally  introduced to the sweetness of Torah Learning. 

The morning commenced with Rabbi Chaim Levi Goldstien warmly welcoming everyone to the 4th annual Hachnosa L’cheider, which was then followed by a fellow father, Rabbi Levi Raskin, reciting the Rebbe’s Kapital. 

The children joyfully sang the 12 pesukim to the niggunim that Rabbi Shmaryahu Katzen A”H composed 40 years back, as Rabbi Goldstien highlighted. It was an honor to dedicate the Hachnosa Lacheider in the memory of Rabbi Katzen, who was a loving and dedicated melamed for many years. 

Before beginning with the minhagim of a Hachnosa Lacheder, the children read the book ‘Shimi Receives the Torah’, which provided them with context of what an Arainfernish is, why they are celebrating it now, and how it’s compared to their very own Matan Torah. This book was created by AMC specifically, as an educational support for a meaningful Areinferinish.

Each child received a tray filled with all the Hachnosa L’chedar Minhagim and an instruction sheet as a visual guide to help them along as they performed each Minhag.

Guided by Rabbi Chaim Levi Goldstein, the children repeated the Aleph Beis from the Shaar Blaat of Tanya and the Aleph Beis sheet. They then licked the sweet honey off of the letters, thus enjoying the “sweetness” of Torah! They internalized the words of Torah, by eating the engraved Pesukim off of their honey cake and egg, just in time for Shavuos.

The joy was felt in the air, as the boys were showered with candies from “Malach Michoel”, causing great excitement, as they jumped up to collect them! 

This Hakhel celebration was culminated by the children dancing on the shoulders of their fathers to the music that Singer and Musician, Chony Zuker played, in honor of this celebratory day!

Photos by: Itzik Roytman

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  • formally introduced?

    We’re these boys not formally introduced to the sweetness of Torah Learning over half a year ago?
    Can we bring back the Areinferinish to be in proximity to the upshernish, when the child was really introduced to yarmulke, payos and learning torah?

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