Rabbi Lazer Avtzon Celebrates his 59th Birthday With Two Phased Melava Malka

The Association of Crown Heights Shuls, which comprises more than 95 Shuls, held its annual Melava Malka this past Motzoei Shabbos Parshas Toldos.

The Melava Malka was hosted by the founder of the Association and Rav of Merkaz Sefarad, in honor of his birthday 3 Kislev, and was held in the Merkaz Sefarad Shul.

Rabbi Avtzon spoke passionately on the fact that the local Shuls and their respective Rabbonim/ Mashpiim/ Presidents/ Gabboim are the front lines and first point of contact for local families.

Whether looking for help with Shalom Bayis, financial support, coping with children, sickness or death in the family chas veshalom, people turn to their local Rabbi or leader before anyone else.

Even for Farbrengens and Shiurim, people are more apt to participate if held in their local Shul, versus a community wide event at 770 or other venue.

As such, there is a need for local Shuls to take a greater leadership role and to be better equipped to handle the many situations and challenges they are faced with.

Several new initiatives were discussed during the event.

  1. To create a Vaad Hapoel of 5 or 7 local Shul Rabbis.
  2. To create a website featuring all the Shuls, with times of davening, shiurim and events of each Shul.

The website will also compile a lists of verified therapists, family and Shalom Bayis counselors, crisis intervention specialists, financial planners, etc. Based on the success of these pages and needs, other items will be added to address additional needs.

  1. To compile a list of people, both locally and from out of town, who can be called to Farbreng, with topics they like to Farbreng on and associated costs, etc
  2. In coordination with the Badatz, to select topics of concern to the Schnuna so that all Shuls discuss a particular topic each month.
  3. For all Shul Rabbis to push to the greatest extent possible for every family to have life insurance (at least term-life) so that we should not have a need for all these online campaigns in the event of a death in the community
  4. To encourage everyone to sign up for AreivimUSA.
  5. A link will be shared with all Shuls on a new free online platform developed by Sholom Pinson enabling Shuls to discreetly raise funds for local members with emergency needs.

As we are in a Hakhel year, to increase the number of unity Farbrengens between neighboring Shuls as there are some areas with numerous Shuls within a one or two block radius.

Following the Melava Malka, many friends and family members came by to wish Rabbi Avtzon a Shnas Hatzlacha and continuation of his many efforts in helping the Shchuna.

Rabbi Michoel Seligson told over stories from the Rebbe and gave over Divrei Bracha.

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