Scorpius will allow Israel to use electromagnetic technology to defend itself. (Israel Aerospace Industries)

‘Revolution in Warfare’: Israel Has New ‘Invisible’ Defense System

New York Post

Israel has a new weapon in its defense arsenal — and enemies of the Jewish State will never see it coming.

The weapon, which reportedly can halt electronic capabilities of an enemy, is part of a new suite of electromagnetic warfare called Scorpius.

The Scorpius “missiles” send narrowly targeted beams of energy that disrupt enemy electronic sensors, navigation, radar or other electronic activity, according to Gideon Fustick the Marketing VP of Israel Aerospace Industries, Israel’s state-run defense contractor.

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Israel said the new system will be considered part of a “soft protection.” (Israel Aerospace Industries)
Israel is among those making use of a growing electronic warfare market. (Israel Aerospace Industries)
Israel says Scorpius can use the electromagnetic technology to detect different threats simultaneously. (Israel Aerospace Industries)
The Scorpius system will also reportedly not hit or interfere with unintended targets.
(Israel Aerospace Industries)

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