450 Boys Are Enjoying The Yeshivas Kayitz Program in Lakewood, Pennsylvania

B”H Yeshivas Kayitz Program is currently spending the summer in their new beautiful grounds in Lakewood, Pennsylvania.

The grounds have been renovated in order to accommodate all of the needs of our bochurim. The renovations included: new Zal’s, public bathrooms, painting of the whole grounds, central air conditioning in key locations, sports fields, over 20 classrooms, kitchen upgrades, outdoor lighting throughout and so much more.

Currently, in its 7th year of operation, Oholei Torah’s Mesivta division at the Yeshivas Kayitz Program is thriving.

Baruch Hashem, this summer we have over 160 bochurim in the Mesivta Program alone. Together with 8th grade and Beis Medrash a total of 450 people are spending their summer in the learning environment.

The program is focused on continuing the regular Yeshiva Seder with a serious learning program paired with a fun and invigorating Gashmius program. Farbrengins, Seder Sichos, Mivtzas and so much more. Hanhala and Magidei Shiuriim from yeshiva join full-time as well as visiting ones.

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