Sixteen Bochurim Complete Masechta At YKY

As part of a special mivtza at Yeshivas Kayitz Yerushalayim, this year in Cozumel, almost half of the bochurim have completed Maseches Megillah, awarding them with a special trip and activities.

Over the course of the summer, 16 bochurim have participated in the mivtza Torah, and have dedicated time outside of seder for extra Shiurim, quizzes, tests and chazarah to achieve this goal of completing the masechta.

One of the bochurim, Yitzchok Bronchtain of Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad, made the Siyum on behalf of everyone before proceeding to a seudas mitzva in honor of the Siyum.

Upon completion, the bochurim have enjoyed a special trip that included ATVing in the rainforests of Cozumel, as well as jet-ski rides in the Caribbean Sea.

This joined other mivtzas and programs that took place this summer at YKY, led by Rabbi Schneerson and Rabbi Avtzon, and motivated by the dedicated staff.

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